Marketing Communications

planning, preparation, and execution of activities to manage external and internal communications to address and positively influence the stakeholders on which your organization depends

Influencer Relations – develop, build, and maintain relations with opinion leaders in your industry, the media, government, and other verticals critical to your business

We will work to connect you up with stakeholders and where relevant celebrities in order to give you an edge, insights, and the shine of the influencers defining the Tokyo scene. We can also parlay activities to develop partnerships and coordinate programs that further your business objectives.

Market Entry – establishing your office, getting the rudiments, and setting the stage for your success

We’ve established the Tokyo office of a global PR firm and the offices of tech companies under strict budgetary constraints managing the process of establishing a physical address and functioning administrative and operations office. We’ve been creative and assertive in assuring the best terms possible.

Sales Support – promotion support staff at events, localization of materials, and sales team development

Japanese companies still put their faith in an attentive, courteous, and an ingratiating salesforce. We’ll help get you connected with the right partner for this long-term play to succeeding here.