Digital Communications

communicating, engaging, informing, and promoting services and products that involves the use of electronic devices.

Digital Media Planning – we will work with you to develop your strategy, multimedia campaigns for the development and execution of online ad campaigns involving social, search, display, and mobile

  1. Develop your overall plan
  2. Identify target audience(s)
  3. Research
  4. Brainstorm, ideate
  5. Track progress and measure
  6. Learnings and recommendations

Influencer Marketing – Virtual YouTubers (VTubers) have been taking young adult males in Japan by storm. This is the latest trend of digital media born out of Cool Japan’s leadership in popular culture. VTubers have big followings, some in the millions and they are opinion leaders for men in their teens, 20’s, and even their early 30’s!

Social Media Marketing (SMM) – we will use social media platforms and websites to amplify your message, promote your service of product. 

Creative Production

Management of online program