Corporate Communications

planning, preparation, and execution of activities to manage external and internal communications to address and positively influence the stakeholders on which your organization depends

Corporate Communications – press release and other material localization / development.

While we are playing to smaller crowds for press events online and in-person the rise of the importance of video and making your content available on-demand.

Agency Advisory & Management – review, analysis, advisory, and management support of your agency program 

Sometimes your PR program is not going as promised. We’ll conduct a full review of your current program, present our analysis, advise and work on improving your PR program to maximize results, develop efficiencies, and get things going again.

Establishment Support – setting up your very own corporate communications department   

We’ll get you started so that you can do PR yourself by getting the ball rolling, building your media list, writing your materials and other fundamentals as well as the functions of the department as they pertain to your specific needs.

Secondment – placement of a dedicated PR professional in your company on a term basis

Based on the volume of work we are able to place a dedicated communications professional in your office to support your PR department and in many cases for new market entrants or small-medium enterprises a well-rounded player that will support your administrative needs.